The Vista Center believes that field trips and getting out are important in order to break feelings of isolation. This creates an inclusive community and adds to fun group experiences. The Vista Center offers many enriching, fun and educational opportunities for members. Trips/activities in the past have included:

Trips to parks and lakes

Restaurant outings

Trips to health clubs

Trips to museums

Hikes at nature preserves

Trips to grocery stores and malls for smart shopping

Outings to concerts, sports games (semi-pro), and movie theaters

Join in the fun at the Vista Center!

On-site happenings are supportive too-like health related classes, landlord-tenant information,card playing/board games,videos, computer practice and games,exercise classes, and general fellowship. Social connections add to the quality in one's life. The Vista Center helps make things happen that may not happen elsewhere for the participant/member.

Check out our past collaboration with University of Michigan Flint